Formulary Management

Is the Future 
Now? Imagine if the future were now and you had the ability to evaluate all the data about a group of medications at your fingertips. Imagine if you could quantitatively compare and contrast each medication regarding its indications, side effect profile, contraindications, costs both direct and indirect and even outcomes.

Imagine having the ability to filter out variables that do not significantly affect your patient population while emphasizing those parameters that are clinically relevant? Imagine having the ability to demonstrate how costs can be impacted by a drug’s side effect profile and effectiveness. Imagine having the ability to predict how a product will perform early in clinical trials to determine if it’s cost effective to continue development.

At Chapmanetics, we believe the Future is Now and that these type of analytics are possible with our Formulary Tool. Using our algorithms, we are able to quantitatively compare drug products of the same therapeutic class. Without revealing trade secrets here is a brief description of how we perform our analyses. Each product is scored based on a multitude of variables that include indication, contraindication, side effect profile, pharmacokinetic profiles, costs, etc. A weighting component is included as a part of the analysis. The above charts, which are for demonstration purposes only, illustrate the results of each set of analyses conducted on four different SSRI’s.

The graphics illustrated above compare indications, contraindications, drug interactions and pharmacokinetics. Using negative and positive integers, we evaluate each variable for each drug for each category. In the first graphic, each indication is evaluated for each drug product. The results are weighted to reflect the level of importance and the results are tallied for INDICATION. The process is repeated for the remaining categories. Results for each category are totaled resulting in a Final or Composite Score for each drug as noted to the left.

With the Formulary Tool, the Future is Now. Using this approach allows evaluators to further enhance their ability to compare and contrast the differences quantitatively between products. Additionally, by including the weighting component, the evaluators will have the ability to distinguish the relative importance of these differences. As a result, the Formulary Tool can be used for formulary decision making, evaluating new products during clinical trials and assessing therapy for complicated patients with multiple disease states while receiving multiple medications. We invite you to contact us for more information at

Each assessment is provided for demonstration purposes only and no inferences should be made regarding the data provided.